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The Institute serves as a premier teaching institution in the field of biomedical sciences.The University of Mumbai has affiliated Haffkine Institute as a training centre for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree courses in Microbiology, Applied Biology and Organic Chemistry. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) has affiliated Haffkine Institute as a training centre for the PhD degree courses in Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology. Research on subjects such as Bacteriology, Zoonosis, Applied Biology, Virology, Microbiology and Chemotherapy is conducted through these degree courses.Using a multi-disciplinary training approach, Haffkine Institute has also conducted courses on Laboratory Management System & Internal Audit as per ISO 15189:2007 and NABL:112  and also has initiated Clinical Research Management (CRM) weekend programmes which will be extended further to fellowship and master degree.

Regular Short-term Courses


The Annual Biotechnology Training Program employs a Concept Oriented approach in training participants, various Fundamental and Applied aspects of Biological Sciences. The Program uses Didactic Lectures, Interactive Discussions and Demonstration Practical sessions to make the participants understand the idea behind the theories.

Duration: 10 Working days
Tentative schedule: March through June Each Year
Eligibility: Students enrolled for any Under-Graduate Program in Biological Sciences or Higher
Fees: Rs. 3,000/-
Mode of Admission: First Come First Serve
Contact: Training Section


(Department of Virology)
The course encompasses concepts in classical as well as contemporary Virology. It covers concepts in Clinical Virology and the Molecular Principles behind it. The Program uses Didactic Lectures, Interactive Discussions, Demonstration Practical sessions and Hands-on Experiments to make the participants sensitize the participants with the latest in the field of Medical Virology. Medical Graduates are awarded CME Credits.

Duration: 7 days
Tentative schedule: January/February Each Year
Eligibility: Medical Graduates and Post Graduates, Students pursuing Ph.Ds in any relevant branch of Bio-Sciences.
Fees: Rs. 3,500/-
Mode of Admission: First Come First Serve
Contact: Training Section/Department of Virology: Dr.Sweta Kothari/Mr. Ritwik Dahake


The Short Term Research Internship Program offers short term (4 – 6 months) research opportunities primarily to students who require completing dissertations for the partial fulfillment of their B. Tech, M. Tech, B.E or M. Sc degrees. Selected candidates get to work on projects encompassing various multi-disciplinary areas of Biological and Chemical Sciences.

Duration: 4-6 months
Tentativeschedule: January through June (Batch 1) and May through December (Batch 2) Each Year
Eligibility: Candidates pursuing B. Tech, M. Tech, B.E or M.Sc degrees in any branch of Bio-sciences or Organic or Analytical Chemistry
Fees: Rs. 10,000/-
Mode of Admission: Submission of SoP along with Application. Followed by MCQ based Entrance Test. Selected Candidates are called for Personal Interviews.
Contact:Training Section

 PG Diploma in Clinical Research Management and Regulatory Affairs

Course features:
How new drugs are discovered, designed, developed, and evaluated in Pharma Industry
Career path for Clinical Research PGs:
Practical aspects of Clinical Trials and Research method: Trial design and Statistical basis: case studies. Legal, statutory and regulatory aspects of New Drug evaluation: dossiers
Safety issues and pharmacovigilance: Ethical aspects and GCP
Indian Drug Laws: Trial management: Medical writing
Duration:6 months (weekends)
Eligibility:Graduates/Postgraduates in Health Sciences / Pharmacy.
Course fees: Rs. 30,000/-
Contact: Application forms and Course Brochures available in the Training Section for Rs.250/-

Other Workshops and Courses


(Department of Zoonosis - Serpentarium)
This course encompasses the insights of secret life of snakes and has wide application
in the field of herpetology

Duration: 3 days
Tentative schedule: To Be Announced
Eligibility: 12th Standard or Higher education
Fees: Rs. 4,000/-
Mode of Admission: First Come First Serve
Contact: Department of Zoonosis – Serpentarium: Dr.MrunalGhagSawant


(Department of Biochemistry)
The course encompasses theoretical as well as practical concepts in the field of ENZYMOLOGY that will help in sharpening knowledge from basics to recent findings.  Workshop includes lectures and demonstrations which are helpful to students for sharpening their knowledge of enzymes as well as for their graduate and post graduate curriculum..

Tentativeschedule: To Be Announced
Eligibility: Students of B.Sc. / B.Tech./ M.Sc./ M.Tech (Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/  Life Science / Chemistry/ Zoology/ Botany/ Microbiology) / MBBS / BAMS from any recognized University / Institute.
Fees: Rs. 2,000/-
Mode of Admission: First Come First Serve
Contact:Department of Bacteriology: Dr. RosalindMarita


(Department of Zoonosis – Animal House)
The hands on course encompasses concepts of principle and practices of laboratory animal care in invivo experiments and its wide applications in the field of research as well as ethical issues, welfare regulations of animal experiment.

Duration:2 days
Tentativeschedule: To Be Announced
Eligibility: Students who are studying/ have passed their B.Sc. /B. Tech. /M.Sc. /M. Tech degrees in Microbiology/ Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Zoology/ Botany/ Life Sciences from any recognized University. People already in service, working in the above areas, can also apply
Fees: Rs. 3,000/-
Mode of Admission: First Come First Serve
Contact: Department of Zoonosis – Animal House: Dr.MrunalGhagSawant


(Department of Chemotherapy)
The hands on course of principle and practical application of instruments in laboratory and itswide applications in the field of Research & Development as well as Quality control Analytical Laboratory.

Duration:3 days
Tentative schedule: To Be Announced
Eligibility: Students of B.Sc. / B.Pharm. /M.Sc. /M.Pharm. (Chemistry / Biochemistry / Biotechnology)registered under any recognized University.
Fees: Rs. 3,000/-
Mode of Admission: First Come First Serve
Contact: Department of Chemotherapy: Dr. S Bobade



For further details on courses please contact the Training Section:

1) Dr. A. Rosalind Marita

Asst. Director and Training-In-Charge


Phone No: 022-24160961 /24160962

2) Mr. Nilesh Gaikwad

Admin. Officer

Training Section


Phone No: 022-24160961 /24160962

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